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Unplanned needs.

Bolt Express gets you back on track when unexpected business interruptions threaten your ability to deliver on time.

In a hurry or in a bind.

We offer shipping solutions to help you adjust to anything—from equipment downtime to sudden demand spikes to natural disasters. Our responsive customer service team is available around the clock.

  • Carrier delays or failures
  • Production schedule interruptions
  • Weather delays
  • Customer specification changes
  • Limited lead time
Man sitting on stairs

Every shipment at Bolt Express is considered time critical.

In today’s fast paced world, shouldn’t all shipping be expedited? Whatever your sense of urgency, Bolt is here to help.

  • Tight transit cushion
  • Inability to fail customer
  • Not wanting to let down boss and team
  • Can’t afford failure or delay
  • Supply chain challenges

Short-term projects.

We can help your business handle short-term projects to meet seasonal demand, fulfill special one-off orders, or help control costs.