Drivers: Frequently Asked Questions

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  • You will need to have the Non-Trucking Liability, minimum of 1 million. (Required) You can either purchase through Cottingham & Butler to be settlement deducted or from an outside company. If you go with our insurance, it would be $8.75 weekly.
  • Physical Damage is optional.  It can either be purchased through our insurance company by settlement deduct or from an outside company.
  • This would be based on the value of your vehicle.
  • Liability Limiter Program – This is mandatory. It can either be purchase through our insurance provider deducted at $5.00 per week or from an outside company.
  • Straight trucks – We have Freightliner M2-112 with a 96-inch bunk.
  • Tractors – We have Volvo 780’s, automatic.

We do not take box trucks, but we do take straight trucks. This would need to have at least a 22’ box, be 10 years old or newer, and have a DOT approved sleeper.

  • 2015 or newer Sprinter vans that can hold 2 – 48 x 48 x 48 Skids
  • 2010 or newer Straight trucks at least 22’ with a DOT approved sleeper
  • 2010 or newer Tractor with DOT approved sleeper

Our On Demand program allows you to run freight for multiple companies. Instead of putting logos on your van you would have magnets that you put on when you’re running a load for Bolt Express. There are no sign on costs with this program, but you would need to carry your own insurance. In order to join this program you would need to be signed on with at least one other company in an On Demand capacity. If you are interested in more information, please call in to recruiting at 800-545-4789 and speak with Chad Wiese.

  • Noncommercial, no experience required
  • Straight Truck 3 months OTR
  • Tractor 6 months OTR
  • Company Team Straight Trucks
    • $0.40 All Miles
  • Company Team Tractors
    • $0.65 All Miles
  • IC Team Straight Trucks
    • 60/40 contract with fleet owners. Typically $800-$1100 weekly
  • IC Team Tractors
    • Some 60/40 contracts some flat rate up to $1200 weekly per driver. Varies
  • Regular Driver’s License for Non-Commercial
  • Class B for Straight Trucks
  • Class A for Tractors

As long as your exit with Bolt Express states that you are eligible to return

To fill an application please go to and click on Drivers at the top. If you’re filling the app on a cell phone you will need to use the Driver Pulse App.

Please use the Chat Live option or call in to recruiting at 800-545-4789. We can get your application pulled up and discuss the position you’re looking for.

  • We do not hire recent CDL graduates.
  • Class A semi driver – you would need to get at least 6 months over the road experience in an articulating commercial vehicle before we could bring you on here.
  • Class B Straight Truck driver – You would need to get at least 3 months over the road experience in (not in a Bus) before we could bring you on here. If you’re teaming with a driver who has that 3 months experience, we would not need you to have experience.
  • We do not have or bring on box trucks.
  • For a straight truck you would need a class B with air brakes.
  • We do not have a training program here.

Ford Transit Vans must have a high roof

Yes a non-commercial vehicle such as a cargo van or sprinter

For non-commercial 21 yrs (Carogo Van or Sprinter), for commercial 23 yrs (Semi or Straight Truck).  

  • Depends on what type of vehicle you drive for us.
  • Non-commercial 800-1200
  • Straight Solo 2300-3200
  • Straight Team 4500-5500
  • Tractor Solo 2300-3200
  • Tractor Team 4500-5500
  • In a semi or straight truck you’re generally out for 2 weeks at a time.
  • If you’re bringing a sprinter van on as an owner operator it’s not forced dispatch, but you’ll want to be out at least 2 weeks at a time for it to be profitable.
  • If you’re driving a sprinter van for a fleet owner you’ll be out 3-4 weeks at a time.


Yes, we hire Class B drivers. With a Class B you would be able to drive a straight truck. 

For our company drivers yes after 90 days

  • Only in our Toledo, Ohio area
  • We are looking for regional drivers as well in the Midwest

We do not have dedicated lanes for company drivers. We have consistent opportunities out of the Midwest to all points including Laredo.

Yes, in our sprinters or noncommercial positions

Yes – there is a mandatory pre-employment drug screen. It’s a urine test on site for all noncommercial drivers. The Commercial drug screens are completed prior to orientation in the drivers home local.

  • You can bring on your own vehicle if it meets our specifications
  • Or you can drive for a vehicle we already have on our fleet

No, but you can bring on your new equipment if it meets of specific requirements

We offer no-touch freight

Laredo, Texas

If you are a sprinter van owner and are wanting to run for multiple companies, you would need to join our On Demand Program. In order to join this program you will need to be signed on with at least one other company in an On Demand capacity. Please chat live or call in to recruiting at 800-545-4789 and ask about this program.

Go to our website or call recruiting at 800.545.4789

Yes, please call Recruiting 800.545.4789 or utilize the Chat Live options on this website.

This would depend on the medication you are on. Please chat live or call our recruiting department to discuss at 800-545-4789.

Passengers need to be at least 21 years old.

  • Yes at 67.5 MPH
  • Are your company trucks governed?
    • 67.5 MPH

We are always looking for the best possible drivers to fill out vehicles