Bolt Express Named Carrier of the Year

Nancy HummelNews Release

News Release
January 30, 2008

Toledo, Ohio – Bolt Express recently received the award for AlliancePro Company of the Year – Highest Year-Over- Year Sales Growth in 2007 over 2006. Bolt was recognized at the 5th Annual Expedite Alliance Conference held by GPSNet Technologies, Inc. in Orlando,

Florida in January for their 55 percent growth in revenue last year over the previous year. Ben Bauman, President & CEO of Bolt Express, says this accomplishment is a result of several things, “To start an extremely aggressive sales team and excellent customer service.” He adds “The increase in fleet size and our Partner Carrier Program has also been a major contributing factor.”

Although the conference is in its 5th year, this particular award has only been available the past 3 years. To their credit, Bolt Express has won AlliancePro Company of the Year – Highest Year-Over-Year Sales Growth for 2 years and a close second the 3rd year. “We are all very proud of our accomplishments at Bolt” Bauman states, “But we do not intend to come in second again!”

The Alliance is made up of approximately 350 companies in the transportation industry, primarily of expedite carriers. Bauman refers to this as a “super alliance that ties carriers together breaking down the walls of competition.” The majority of the carriers in this alliance are using GPS Technologies software.

About Bolt Express Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Bolt Express is committed to being the most trusted and reliable transportation service provider in North America.  Our desire to be the best at what we do is reflected in our attitude and culture.