Bolt Express Fleet Utilizing On Board Logging

Nancy HummelNews Release

News Release
March 26, 2009

Toledo, Ohio Bolt Express-In these tough economic times, many carriers are cutting corners to save money, but not Bolt Express. Over the past several months Bolt Express has begun installing on board logging equipment in their trucks in an effort to keep their drivers safe and violation free.

In the past all vehicles in their fleet have been outfitted with a Qualcomm unit for communication and tracking purposes. Now Bolt Express is installing the Omni Vision MCP100T units in each vehicle which, in addition to the capabilities listed above will now also include on board logging.

Barb Ryan, Safety & Compliance Manager at Bolt Express explains “Adding this feature may cost us more money in the short term, but we believe the investment will benefit drivers and customers reducing the number of out-of- service violations and keep our drivers safe on the road.” She continues “Truck drivers already have more than enough to do out there; we just want to make it a little easier for them.”

The new units which have a Mobile Computing Platform are hands free with voice instructions and information. They have an exterior speaker, color screens and of course on board logging. The logging portion of the Qualcomm is activated by the movement of the truck and sends positioning updates to dispatch every 15 minutes. Bolt Express is currently in the process of upgrading all existing vehicles with the new units and are scheduled to have all vehicles in their fleet utilizing the on board logging feature by June 1, 2009. Once completed all Bolt Express contractors will be totally paperless.

Bolt Express LLC provides exclusive-use around-the-clock, dock-to-dock transportation services to all points throughout North America. Since its creation in 2000, the Toledo, Ohio-based company has become a leader in providing reliable, trustworthy, safety-conscious shipping services, utilizing a fleet of 100-percent independent contractors. Bolt Express has a vehicle type to fit every need, be it cargo or sprinter vans, 12’-24’ dock-high straight trucks and semi tractor-trailers; its state-of-the art satellite monitoring system allows for up-to-the-minute shipment tracking. It’s a one-call solution for all critical shipments. For more information about joining the Bolt Express team, call (800)545-4789 or visit

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