Bolt Express Avoids Capacity Crunch with Forward Thinking

Nancy HummelNews Release

News Release
August 15, 2011

Toledo, Ohio – As the transportation industry continues to deal with a shortage in drivers, shippers are starting to feel the pressure. Rates are starting to climb and it is taking more time to find carriers with available capacity. The key contributing factors behind the driver shortage are higher operating costs (insurance, fuel, etc.) and the new FMCSA CSA 2010 safety ratings. With the seasonal increase in demand right around the corner, conditions are likely to deteriorate. The upcoming “fall peak” is expected to be one of the most challenging periods for capacity in recent times. However, Bolt Express is prepared.

Bolt Express has invested in the development of new technologies that provide a competitive advantage during periods of diminished capacity. Bolt Express’ Advantage Source system allows our dispatch team to quickly solicit availability and pricing from our network of partner carriers throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Our online procurement engine also features an integrated email bidding option for participating carriers which quickly expands shipping options for their customers.

Bolt Express utilizes our Carrier Advantage system to effectively profile and manage partner carrier capacity. Carrier Advantage provides powerful, real time data mining capabilities to match carrier profiles with each shipment opportunity. This powerful TMS module counters the market conditions by ensuring optimal partner carrier utilization.

Recent studies show that the trucking industry has lost more than 16% of its capacity. Nevertheless, Bolt Express has increased fleet capacity by 22% thus far in 2011 and expects an overall 40% increase by year’s end. The attitude at Bolt Express is that the challenge of finding qualified drivers may have become more difficult, but it’s not impossible.

In an attempt to stay ahead of the current market conditions, Bolt Express has opened additional orientation and training facilities to support our fleet expansion efforts. To supplement our new Recruiting Centers in Atlanta and Laredo, we are constructing a new Driver Support Center in Toledo, Ohio.

Regardless what the challenges are, Bolt Express is committed to providing their customers with a solution for their shipping needs.

About Bolt Express Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Bolt Express is committed to being the most trusted and reliable transportation service provider in North America.  Our desire to be the best at what we do is reflected in our attitude and culture.