3 New Drivers join the Million Miles Club

sburton@bolt-express.comNews Release

Toledo, Ohio – Bolt Express, an industry leader in Time Critical Transportation Services is excited to announce three of the newest members to the Million Miles Club. 

Chris Garner, Vanessa Armstead and Curtis Ottens have each surpassed the 1 million-mile mark as members of the Bolt Express fleet. Most impressively, they did it the Bolt way by staying committed to safety and customer service. These drivers have truly personified Bolt’s mission to being the most trusted and reliable transportation provider in North America.

“Vanessa, Chris, and Curt have been exemplary members of the Bolt Truckload Express fleet family for years.  Their years of experience and level of professionalism make them superior drivers in eyes of our customers, our dispatchers, and other members of the Bolt Express fleet. We are so proud to have them on our team!” Mike Mitchell, Vice President of Operations.

Pictured Above:  Chris Garner, Vanessa Armstead

Pictured Above: Curt Ottens

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Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Bolt Express provides Time Critical transportation solutions throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico.  We are committed to be the most trusted and reliable transportation service provide in North America.  Our desire to be the best at what we do is reflected in our attitude, our culture, and our quality of work.

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